First EXCITING Event in Beijing Successfully Concluded

The consortium has been busy for the past two months, preparing for the first Conference of the EXCITING project on EU-China Collaboration on 5G and IoT, as well as the plenary meetings for project partners in Beijing between March 8th- 10th, 2017.

Conference: Enhancing EU-China Collaboration in the field of 5G and IoT

The efforts seemed to have paid off. The agenda for the conference on March 9th featured some of the most renowned experts and professionals in the field of 5G and IoT from both China and Europe.

Around 220 stakeholders registered from Europe and China (85%), covering industry (45%), research (52%), policymakers and governmental organisations as well as the civil society.

Mr. O’Donohue, Acting Director of the Directorate E (Future Networks),  DG CONNECT expressed the EC’s support to both the project and the Conference through a video. 5G development, spectrum and standardisation were highlighted as areas that have good potential for cooperation between the EU and China.

Mr. Wei Li, Vice Director of High Technology Division, Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China, then gave a welcome speech to the audience, mentioning that to better develop IoT and 5G, three aspects can be considered for China: enhancing international cooperation, improving the international standardisation system; and better guaranteeing the security for the application of IoT

The event then included four sessions:

The final agenda, list of speakers, their bios and abstracts – all bilingual – can be found here: March9AgendaAbstractBio.

Global IPv6 Forum Press Conference and Jim Bound IPv6 Award Ceremony

In the afternoon of 9th, a high-level press conference – Global IPv6 Forum Press Conference and Jim Bound IPv6 Award Ceremony was organised under the framework of IPv6 Forum and EXCITING project. This was jointly presented by project partners, Mr. Latif Ladid (IPv6 Forum President) as well as Mr. Dong Liu, the CEO of Beijing Internet Institute (BII). Three Chinese experts have received the Award, and they are from: China State Grid, China Telecom and Tsinghua Universtiy. The Chinese press release can be found here:

Wrap Up and Site Visit

On March 10th, an internal wrap-up session among project partners and a group of distinguished Advisory Group members was successfully held. Conclusions included forming concrete suggestions to the European Commission for inclusion in the next Work Programme of Horizon 2020, as well as collaborating with the 5G IA, the 5G PPP initiative, and facilitating cooperation between EU and China in terms of future research projects in the fields of 5G and IoT.

In the afternoon of 10th, Huawei Beijing, as the local host of the event, kindly invited project partners and experts to a visit at its research facilities in Beijing, where Huawei’s commitment to innovation and ICT development has been demonstrated.

What’s Next?

Project partners will present conclusions and recommendations on fields for cooperation to the EC and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) / MIIT.

Further to this, the consortium has met and discussed with relevant experts through this event and will expand and consolidate its list of Advisory Group members.

Finally, a number of external events are being targeted by the EXCITING project as opportunities to participate in various forms, in order to disseminate the results of the project. This will enable project partners to engage stakeholders and enhance collaboration in the field of 5G and IoT between EU and China.

Such events include the EU-China Summit (Brussels, End of May – early June, 2017), IoT Week (Geneva, June 6-9, 2017) and EuCNC (Oulu, June 12-15, 2017) .

The project comprises active, experienced and dedicated partners, excellent external experts from both EU and China, as well as having a good understanding of policies and links to the authorities in both the EU and China. The consortium looks forward to the delivery of future results to its stakeholders.

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