Presentation on Latest Development of 5GPPP/5G Infrastructure Association Activities

On April 25th, Mr. Jean-Pierre Bienaimé, Secretary General of the 5G Infrastructure Association (IA) as well as Chair of the 5G Initiative Steering Board, presented on the 3GPP meeting in the USA the following topic: The views of Europe: 5GPPP/5G IA activities

A number of interesting latest activities have been announced and presented, including MWC 2017 event: 5G Action Plan: from Research to Trials; New White Paper: 5G innovations for new business opportunities; The key role of standardization; Spectrum for 5G; The Pan-European Trials Roadmap; and 5G PPP & international cooperation.

Mr. Bienaimé is officially a member of the Advisory Group of the EXCITING project and has been providing excellent links between the project and the 5G PPP initiative.