Useful Documents and Links

On this page you can download different useful documents and links related to the project:

5G Americas white papers 5G Americas Various
5G PPP white papers 5G PPP Various
5G in China: Outlook and regional comparisons CAICT, GSM Association 2017
Advance EU Access to Financial Incentives for Innovation in China Guide for EU Stakeholders on Chinese national STI funding programmes DEVELOPMENT Solutions Europe Ltd. January 2018
Cellular V2X as the Essential Enabler of Superior Global Connected Transportation Services Papathanassiou, A. and Khoryaev, A. (Intel Corporation) June 2017
China is poised to win the 5G race: Key steps extending global leadership Ernst & Young (EY) 2018
China cyber security industry white paper 
[in Chinese]
CAICT 2018
China Internet of Things Application Research Report [in Chinese] EO Intelligence August 2018
EU-China 5G – IoT: Exciting Opportunities and Challenges InterComms 2016
EU-China Joint White Paper on the Internet-of-Things EU-China IoT Advisory Group January 2016
IoT Security White Paper  [in Chinese] CAICT 2018
IoT Week 2018 / Global IoT Summit 2018 Report IoT Week / GIoTS June 2018
High Level Architecture Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) June 2017
Joint Declaration on strategic cooperation in the area of the fifth generation of mobile communication networks European Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (China) September 2015